Clinical Ethics

Medical Aid in Dying’s Other Conversation

By Michael Pottash MD MPH Medical aid in dying (MAiD) is available to over 20% of Americans and is poised to become available to many more in the coming legislative cycle. In May 2023, my research team surveyed the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying. The Academy was organized as a non-membership organization […]


In Search of the Perfect Opioid

By Maximillian Stevenson, PharmD, MA As a palliative care clinical pharmacist, I bear witness to the highs and lows of opioid analgesics: the help and the harms. But what if we could invent an opioid that eases pain without all the risks and side effects? What if we could treat our patient’s cancer pain without […]

Academic Meeting

Palliative Care at ASBH

By Janice Firn, PhD, LMSW, HEC-C The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) annual meeting is October 11-14th in Baltimore, MD offering a robust schedule with many palliative care related sessions. I can’t attend them all and choosing between sessions can be difficult. As chair of the ASBH hospice & palliative medicine affinity group, […]

Medical Education

Crashing the Clinic

By Michael Pottash MD MPH A few years ago, I began loitering around our pulmonary medicine teaching clinic hoping that my presence would prompt the pulmonary fellows to ask their sicker patients what they understood about advanced lung disease. I even hoped that I might be invited into the patient’s room so that the fellow […]